Coronavirus and visitations

The following is the latest from the Office of Licensing regarding the Coronavirus and visitation:

I know there has been a widespread of concern regarding the Coronavirus so please keep yourselves healthy! The following was just received regarding how this virus may impact mandated shared parenting/visitations. Please share with all licensing staff and families. As always the families should defer to the direction of the assigned case managers.

For children in care:

  • All regular activities for children including attending school, visitation, treatments, etc. should proceed as scheduled.
  • If a child is presenting as symptomatic including fever with cough or shortness of breath, please contact the child’s primary care physician for direction as you would during cold and flu season.
    • Children displaying these symptoms should remain home from activities until they are symptom-free without aide of medication for at least 24 hrs.
    • Any missed visits or court-ordered activities should be handled per regular procedures.  If the child’s illness extends such that more than 2 weeks of visits are missed, please escalate that information to the Program Administrator.
  • If the child’s primary care physician recommends that a youth be tested for COVID-19, please follow the direction of the physician and also contact CMDPmember services so they are aware of the testing.

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