Licensing is the process by which Arizona Faith and Families will get to know your family and submit your application to become licensed foster care or adoptive parents.  The steps below provide a step-by-step guide of the process, which generally takes a period of 3-6 months.  For additional information please visited our FAQ page or contact us today.

  • Orientation is the first step.  You can view the orientation online, which is a 31 minute video covering basic information regarding foster care and adoption.

  • After orientation, you may schedule an intake interview with one of our licensing specialists.  This meeting takes place in your home and lasts one to two hours.  This is your opportunity to meet with one of our staff and decide if becoming a licensed foster parent through Faith and Families is right for you.  If both parties agree to move forward, our staff will complete the initial paperwork and your family will choose a training session that meets your location and schedule needs.

  • Once enrolled in training, families will begin the mutual selection process.  Training is designed so that families will have the opportunity to make an informed decision about completing the licensing process.  Training also gives agencies the opportunity to ensure that a family is ready for licensure.  Please click here to view information on that various types of training provided.

  • The home study process is designed to run concurrent with training.  During the process, a licensing specialist from Faith and Families will meet with you in your home for a minimum of two times.  Interviews will be conducted during these visits with all members of your household, including children over the age of five.  This state-mandated requirement helps your licensing worker write your home study and work with your family to prepare you for your new role as a foster family.

  • After the paperwork, training, and home study steps are completed, your file will be submitted to the Arizona Office of Licensing (OLR) for review.  OLR will determine whether or not to issue your official license.  Once you receive your license, your home is now approved to receive foster children.

  • Faith and Families will work with the state to ensure that the proper child(ren) are placed in your home.  It is the responsibility of Faith and Families to ensure that your home continues to meet licensing standards and that the children in your home are provided with a loving and safe environment.  Foster families will continue to receive regular visits from their licensing specialist.

This brief overview is not designed to be comprehensive, but rather to provide potential applicants with a road map to becoming a licensed foster family.  The licensing process is designed as a protection to children in state care.  As a result, the intense process often times makes an individual feel overwhelmed and vulnerable.  It is important to choose an agency that you feel comfortable inviting into your home to work with your family.  We endeavor to provide excellent service through partnership, training, and support.

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