5 Ways You Can be Involved in Foster Care Today

I’m sitting in a coffee shop reflecting on the information I have just received. News of DCS workers receiving five newborn babies in one day and having to halt their desk jobs to care for them. Stories of a new facility being built to house children so they don’t have to sleep on the floor while they try to find homes for them. It is overwhelming and simply not okay.

I hear the stories, I know that God has not asked but that He has commanded we care for these orphans. So what do I do?

Many of you, like me, are wondering how you can follow God’s command to care for the orphaned according to your calling and gifting. Here are five ways to serve God in caring for the orphaned children in Arizona, I implore you to pick one and begin fighting for the voiceless today.


Paul tells us in Ephesians to always be alert and praying for the saints (Ephesians 6:18). So pray for the foster parents; those preparing their hearts and homes for these children, and those already parenting children in their homes. Paul tells us to pray that when they open their mouth words may be given to them so they may make known the mystery of the gospel. Pray that they would share the Gospel daily with the children in their home.

Pray for God to raise up parents and homes to house these orphans and pray for these children of the state to be safe and cared for.  Set a reminder on your phone to make it a daily priority to pray over this crisis.


How can someone help if they are not aware of the problem? It is important to share the information about foster care and the great need with everyone you know. Share articles on the internet, tell your friends, family and Church. Orientations are held weekly so that people may learn more about what foster care is and the great need for more people to open their hearts and homes. Keep up to date with these orientations so that you may provide an opportunity for anyone looking for more information.  Make the Church aware of the problem so that one day they may say “Lord here am I, send me”


Respite care is a way to provide short-term care enabling the foster parent to take a break. Some children require round-the-clock intensive care, and this allows for the parents to take a break and reenergize when their energy is running low. Respite care is a great way to minister to families providing foster homes and a way to care for children in foster care.


Many foster care organizations have a mentorship program, you can mentor a local foster child in your area. Take this opportunity to pour into the life of a child in need and to provide a positive role model for them. Take a moment to walk alongside someone and live life with them just as Jesus did with so many in His day.


We are in need for people, especially the Church, to rise up and open their
homes to these children.  To find out more about becoming a foster parent, please see Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent.  The first step you can take in this process is to attend an orientation. Here you can gather more information on Foster Care to decided if this is the next step for your family.

God has not asked us, He has commanded that we care for these orphans and to do so is to have a heart ready and willing to serve.

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